The sun is shining.

You are a flower.

Originally displayed at Records: A Take Back The Night Art Gallery in Towson, MD, ALRAUNE is a Twine game about trauma, the 'monsters' it makes of us, and the reclamation of power. It is a game about, by, and for survivors of abuse and trauma of any sort, and it takes anywhere from ten to thirty minutes to play.

Rise up from the earth. Flex your vines in the sunshine. Take a decades-old legacy in hand and get the justice you deserve.

Pay-what-you-want: 50% of revenue will be donated to the National Immigration Law Center to fund ongoing legal efforts to #DefendDACA.

[CONTENT WARNING: ALRAUNE discusses trauma in an interactive way (it allows you to talk about and interact with the sources of it) that may be upsetting for certain audiences. Don't force yourself through if you can't — it's okay.]

Words & Programming by Blake Flournoy

You can read the Artist's Statement/Postmortem HERE.

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